Selena Spice

First Impressions

In short, I’ve rarely seen a body like the one Selena Spice has. Her tits are remarkable and when combined with her slim waist and ultra tight ass it’s a wonder there haven’t been monuments constructed in her honor. She has a great face too with big brown eyes, full lips made for pleasure and all the right angles. She even has great hair; is there a finer physical specimen than this Latina beauty? The tour shows numerous sample photos and it appears as though she’s quite fond of showing off her body in any way possible.

Hot Promises

SelenaSpice is updated twice a week with new photo galleries and occasionally with a new video clip. The 18 year old beauty promises that she gets topless inside the member’s area, and judging by the preview photos that’s something to look forward to. All the content is exclusive and the videos are supposed to be DVD quality as well as downloadable. You even get wallpapers to decorate your desktop as a member. This site is shaping up to be a beautiful experience.


In the member’s area the most encouraging thing I see is that Selena still updates her site regularly. The very first thing they list for you is a table with the latest updates and they’ve been consistent with 2-3 updates a week for the last few months. They’ve also got preview images for the latest updates so you can get a look at what you’ve missed if you’re a returning member. I also like that they offer you a look at the next three updates coming down the pipeline. What better way to know if the site is still being updated?

The design is pretty simple in that what’s listed above is all that’s on the member’s main page. There are links to take you to the rest of the content sections, which are pictures, videos, friends and wallpapers. Selena has uploaded exactly 80 picture galleries (as of July 18, 2007) since her site was launched. The galleries are listed 20 to a page and each has a thumbnail and a descriptive title to help you decide on what to load first. Each gallery has 50-150 images that have been organized 20 thumbnails per page. You can also choose which size images you’d like to browse: medium or large. Differing resolutions is something all sites should adopt.

Selena is a topless model and in every picture gallery you get multiple shots of her tits. In some she starts out topless and it’s just a cornucopia of hot images. There are galleries in which she gets totally nude, but her pussy is always judiciously covered by a well placed hand or an item of clothing loosely held. The full sized images are plenty big, especially when you choose the large setting. I imagine that they’ll satisfy most computer setups. Given that Selena has such enormous breasts the general focus of each gallery is on her chest.

She has a large closet full of tight fitting clothes, bikinis and the occasional lingerie set. She trots out all her favorite outfits and parades them in front of the camera for her loyal fans. I think you’ll find that most are quite impressive in the way that they highlight her remarkable tits. My favorite gallery is the first one ever added. In it Selena is posing in a knit halter bikini top and tiny white panties. The top is perfectly constructed to hold her breasts and as such she looks utterly amazing. They look even bigger than they are in fact. Check that one first if you happen to join; you’ll be very happy.

Selena doesn’t skimp on the video clips. They’re added every two weeks, which is far less frequently than the picture galleries, but there are 37 of them so far so she’s doing a good job of keeping up. Each video is available for download in WMV format and they’ll generally run between 25-50mb. You can expect one minute of video for every 10mb downloaded so the files aren’t as long as you’d imagine. That’s par for the course on a teen babe site though so it’s not something to get bent over. My only real problem with them is in the selection. For each scene you’re given only one screencap to decide if you want to download it. I wasted quite a bit of time pulling down files that ended up being kind of boring.

Serena’s videos are similar to her picture galleries in content. She poses in sexy outfits and strips down to her panties so we can stair in awe at her impressive tits. She gets active in some of the scenes, including one in which she takes a bath and another in which she gets naked outdoors. I’ve found that the videos are a slightly superior way to appreciate Selena’s beauty. Her breasts are truly remarkable and to see them live and in the flesh really adds something to the experience. It’s also fun to watch them bounce up and down when she moves.

In an effort to provide you with a little variety Selena has included more than 80 galleries of her friends in the member’s area. Most are donated from other solo babes that are looking for a little cross promotion and most are pretty good looking. You’re basically getting a free sample of the best solo babes on the web and most galleries have 50-100 pictures so it’s far better than the TGP galleries you probably browse every day. Selena also offers a wallpapers section, although it’s sparsely populated in comparison to the other content areas. There are eleven wallpapers for your pleasure and each has been made in three resolutions for maximum flexibility.

Croco’s Opinion

I’m impressed with SelenaSpice. I really like her body; it’s just remarkably hot and there are few solo babes online that can match it. I like that she’s uploaded 80 picture galleries and 37 video clips along with a slew of sample galleries from other babes around the web. There are even wallpapers you can decorate your computer with. It’s possible that the content is a little thin for a long term membership, but there’s enough here to get you through several months so you should take the plunge if you like Selena’s look.


The site design is fluid and easy to use. The content sections are clearly labeled and the photo galleries are setup well. The only flaw lies in the lack of preview media for the video clips.

Pricing Policy

You can join by credit card or online check. The first month costs $24.95 and it rebills at $24.95 every 30 days. You can get 90 days for $59.95.

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